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Welcome to what will be one of the most innovative utility companies built on blockchain technology. From meme to supreme, Shib Miner, now Meta Miner will continue their mission to offer passive income and rewards to their shareholders. Through our successful utilities, such as staking, yield mining (farming), and NFTs. Our community will contiune to help develop the next phase of Meta Miner.


  Meta Miner plans to be an energy (utility) company in the Metaverse similar to Oncor. We will develop innovative infrastructure initiatives and solutions.


Why energy?

Energy is a major sector of the economy and accounts for trillions of dollars each year. The world economy needs power, creating sustained, long-term demand for the energy sector. This create potential for high dividends and company growth. The demand for utilities services can generally be expected to hold even during recessions. 

Everything under the MINER umbrella will include and impact virtual real estate, smart grid infrastructure, and blockchain growth.

Read through our Whitepaper and learn about our innovated Triquetra Ecosystem and how our NFTs will earn you ETH in rewards.  

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What are we building?

Tokenomics Metrics

Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Liquidity 52%
Private Sale 10%
Presale 20%
Trust Fund 10%
V1 Migrate Tokens 8%


We will continue maximize every opportunity to advance the potential of our community reward system. Whether its in the form of donations to youth education, youth prosperity, or youth development. We believe investing in our future generation will benefit the roadmap of the world for the better good.  Future developments such as utility, dApp, NFTs, and staking will unfold as the project grows. We're planning to release several exciting things to help bring more utility to Meta Miner, and give you the chance to make an impact as part of our mission.

We are building the foundation to enter the Metaverse!

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